Mailing lists down?

Is everyone else experiencing the mailing list script giving a error saying it will be down until Feb 21?

I cannot believe that we didn’t get some kind of notice about this. Or maybe I just missed it. I was aware that the panel was going to go down on today, but definitely don’t recall anything about the mailing lists.


Sorry, I never saw that warning. I assume you’re talking about the announcement list.

I just sent out a message to my test list and received it in my In-box in less than 5 minutes.

I think he’s referring to people signing up on the list via your site.

This still appears to be down.

Any word on when this is getting back up?

And any chance of at the very least getting a better date on the error message? That Feb. 21 makes it look like this service has been down for a couple weeks and it has not. This makes it appear to our users that we’ve had an ongoing problem and haven’t been able to fix it as promised, and makes us look unprofessional to our users.

I prefer not to look unprofessional for something that is out of my control :wink: