Mailing Lists: Archives? Stats? Templates?

Is there a way to archive Sent Mailing List Emails?..or should I just create an email account specifically for receiving and storing emails I send to my lists?

Also, are there any stats that allow us to track how many people opened and/or clicked through the mailing list emails? It helps to know how many people are actually interacting with what is sent. Like a counter or something?

Are there any template websites for this? I keep forgeting that pics must point to urls (not only be linked files on server)


Thanks for your responses. I’m fairly new to some of this. I’m ok with basic HTML, but beyond that…:slight_smile:

Ok, so I can get a click through counter…I’ll research that…

As for ‘templates’ I’ve been using my web design software and copy/pasting the HTML into the mailing list form. Once I get a format I like, I save it as a text file in my ‘template’ folder. I’ll have to do more research on that too…wondering if there are specific websites for that…

Re: pics in mailing list emails
Pics must refer to ( vs.

Thanks again!