Mailing list

i tried searching this forum for information on mailing lists, but it didn’t seem to return any results that were on topic.

so in the past i have used a mailing list to send email to a group of people. I noticed that dh has “discussion groups” but i can’t seem to be able to access the page where i can control these. also, are there any advantages to using discussion groups over simply seting up email address that forwards to sereval addresses?



i am brand new to dh and still trying to find my way around. I did find the “annoucement lists” which seem similair to what i was wanting.

how is this different/better than just setting up an email address that forwards the message to all the people i specify?


so an annoucement list can only come from the admin? or can a user send an email to and it goes to whole list?


Right now, announcement lists can only come from someone who has access to your webpanel.

There is a suggestion that would let authorized users email announcements out (4 points to vote for it, in case you’re interested).

If you need several of your people to be able to post, a discussion list or email alias is probably the way to go.