Mailing list - unsubscribe bug

I set up a mailing list at and it was working fine, but suddenly the unsubscribe function is broken.

Specifically, when I enter an email address in the unsubscribe field, it gives me the InvalidURL rather than NotOnURL or UnsubURL. I’ve tested with already subbed and not subbed addresses, but I get the Invalid Email page for both (and the test addresses I’ve been using aren’t malformed - I’ve been able to subscribe them without problems).

It just started doing this today, and I’m not sure why. Anybody have any ideas?

Ah, the problem is that you have TWO input fields named “address” in your form. So when somebody unsubscribes, they fill in their email address in the bottom form. Unfortunately, since the subscribe input form is named the same thing, that is what gets passed to the add_list.cgi script, and it is blank (and therefore invalid!).

Generally people just use one input for the email address and then two buttons, subscribe and unsubscribe. You can do it your way as well, but what you’ll need to do is make two whole areas, each with all the hidden fields, but one with the subscribe button and one with the unsubscribe.


Hmm, I could’ve sworn it was working before… but I’ll make the change. Thanks for your help!