Mailing list tweaks sought

In my effort to deal with the mailing list name problem (it uses listname-sitename@lists.sitename, I want users to use listname@lists.sitename) I’ve gone through and hand-edited the HTML pages for Mailman, and the various editable preferences (that I could find) in the config pages.

Nevertheless, there are still some things I can’t figure out how to fix, notably the body text of the welcome email. It prepends my customized message at the top, like it is supposed to, but the body text refers to the mailing list by its verbose name. Is there some way I can edit that text? It is likely to confuse users, even with my ALL CAPS WARNING at the top of the page suggesting they use the short-form names.

I don’t want to simply delete the text of that message – it has important info about passwords, the archive, etc. but I’d like it to be more user-friendly.

Currently, there’s no way to do this.

There is a way to edit the welcome text in Mailman 2.1, but it requires editing a file in a Mailman directory I suspect is common to all of us. See…

“In Mailman 2.1.x you can customize the welcome message. Create a directory lists//en (assuming English :slight_smile: and copy templates/subscribeack.txt to this directory. Then edit this file for your specific wording. Mailman will use this specialized template for the English welcome messages.”

Is that correct? Is there any flexibility in where that templates directory goes? If it went into user/home/goodies or something like that…?