Mailing List Troubles -- Lost subscribers

Hey there,

Wondering if anyone here with big lists (over 10,000) using the DH mailing list service is noticing losses of large amounts of subscribers (700+) at once–not the trickling bounces that are removed. This previously happened and DH was able to restore the list from backup, but it again has happened. Just wondering if anyone else is having similar experiences.

Just really thought DH had resolved all the issues with the mailing list. This one though is a big ugh!


I’ve had the same problem with a client’s site that is hosted on DH. His mailing list has over 25,000 subscribers and was working just fine for months, but in recent months he’s received numerous emails from members who suddenly stopped receiving it. I’ve talked to DH many times about this (hi, Josh!), and they’ve tried a few things on their end, but the problems persist.

It’s frustrating because it used to work just fine – I don’t know what changed, but I hope DH can figure it out and fix it soon!

Thanks for you words as it makes me feel like my client’s list isn’t being picked on. :slight_smile:

Josh has been great in responding to this and trying to figure out what is going on. I have turned off the auto-pruning function on my client’s list to see if that has something to do with it. We’ll see. I am also being a bit more consistent about making backups of the lists as I can rebuild to a certain extent if I have to.

I wonder if something in the auto-prune isn’t quite “smart” enough to know when a person may have bouncing emails for a couple of weeks because of being on vacation or something, then they bounce again for a couple of weeks a few months later, so that it seems like they maybe a bad address over an accumulation of time; instead, of just deleting those that repeatedly bounce every mailing. Not sure that makes sense. But was just an idea that popped into my head.

I have every confidence that Josh will come through for us (sorry, Josh, don’t mean to put any pressure on you )!