Mailing List Q's

Hi. Announcement lists seem to work well. A possible tweak: my subscribe notification delivers me a message when someone subscribes with a minimalist subject line…


…essentially a blank subject line…which is OK since I am only using one list at the moment. I’m guessing one of the hidden fields in the subscribe form can be edited to insert ListName into that cryptic [subscribe]. Clues?

A mildly curious second Q: is there a way I can send email to my list without going through the panel? Perhaps some tom foolery with aliases or such?

Actually the To: field for that email is the address for whatever mailing list the person subscribed to!

So if you have two lists, and, when somebody subscribes to list1 an email will be sent to with “[subscribe]” as the subject, and when somebody subscribes to list2 you’ll get an email at with “[subscribe]” as the subject!

Also, you can only send to your mailing list through our web panel and not via email. That’s because we’ve added a bunch of optimizations to the mailing process to better handle the large volume of email a mailing list can generate!


Thank you. The reason I thought of enhancing the [subscribe] subject header was pure laziness :slight_smile: Absent pre-filtering, my mail client displays a list of all mail for me, regardless of the To address. So I see From’s at a glance, and Subject’s at a glance, but I have to open the message to see the To’s, or use a filter to sort and flag the messages as they land in my inbox. (I often also review ‘home’ mail while at work, using my ISP’s webmail interface, so client rules don’t help me in that situation.)

Not a big deal, in the scheme of things. Now, how about folding in MailMan’s automatic web-accessible archive of sent mail so subscribers can review past notices trivially :slight_smile:

Heh…just kidding.