Mailing list problem


my mailing list on my site Http:// )when you hit subscribe it goes to a 404 error than when you hit refresh it gives me this reply

(For some reason we cannot determine the domain your form is on.
You’re going to have to tell us by including a line like

within your html form.)

Know I have that on my webpage all ready set up correctly but for some reason it will not work.

Any Ideas on whats happening?

I see a few syntax errors in your form (you need to put quotes around all the attributes that have characters other than letters, numbers, and dashes, which means in your case the form action attribute and the hidden fields with URLs), and also a 404 Not Found error in some of your destination URLs (you use a .htm file extension where your actual page has .html). However, I don’t think any of this affects your original problem. Did you just recently add the domain in question to your Dreamhost account? Maybe DH’s database of acceptable origin sites hasn’t caught up with you yet.

– Dan


Thanx I got it all sorted out.

Thanks for your help