Mailing list on a Wordpress blog?



Hi, apologies as I’m new at this. I’ve created and used mailing lists on Dreamhost before, but this is the first time I’m making a site in Wordpress. I am trying to set up the mailing list, but no matter what I seem to try, the fact that Wordpress creates custom URLs in PHP seems to kill the response pages.

In other words, I can create the “signup” page, and the form functions correctly- I get a confirmation email to the email address. But the “confirmed” page creates an error, because the script sends me to:

(MyURL)/address=(email address)&name=Test 1&code=-1

All the stuff at the end leads to the 404.

Is there ANY way the form/script can be set so it JUST goes to the confirmation page, WITHOUT adding that additional code? Or is there any other way to add that to a Wordpress page without messing up the URL?