Mailing List-Invalid Email Prob


I made a mailing list at and in testing it, I get the Invalid Url even when an unscubscribed email address is input correctly. The purpose of the form is for subscribing to our mailing list and also to generate a return email providing the reg. postal mailing address.
Someone please check my code and find my mistake…I’m new to this.

Thanks in advance!

The text input for the e-mail address has to be named “address” and not what you currently have there.

Mailing List Documentation

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS

Thanks! Html can be so literal! Made the change and the form works.

Forgot to ask if you know of a way to have the mail form field information automatically entered into a database. That way I could use the postal address information in a mail merge, for form letters, labels, etc. It would be much nicer than having to do it manually.


Obvious solution is to install your own form mail script to do that automatically. This will take some Perl or PHP expertise though, but it’s not difficult.

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS

I know nothing of Perl or PHP…even more research to do…however, this is better than having a whole lot of expensive 3rd party asps…