Mailing List Hung Again :-(

Just hoping someone from DH sees this so they can cue the mailing list server again. Especially since there are over 150 requests for support this morning already.

3rd weekend in a row that it has hung. Yikes! Hope they get this fixed soon.


Please will someone from DH check the mailing list server. I sent out a message yesterday morning and still it has not come through. Although got a message from support that all the mailing list problems were cleared.



Oi, I’m really sorry about this!

On Friday I did a lot of work improving the Mailing List system so it would never get hung up again! It was working fine, and things seemed good to go. Then it was suggested I just change the location of the configuration file for the bulkemail part of the mailing list script, so it would be in a more standard location.

I did that, but then unforuntately, I forgot to tell the script the new location! So if you tried to send a mailing list out this weekend and it hasn’t gone out, it’s actually NOT going to unfortunately! Please resend it now, and I honestly think this should officially mark the end of our mailing list delays!

Again, I’m really sorry about this…


Geez, someone else that does programming oops, besides me. I completely can relate.

Thank you so much for getting things fixed. I am just getting ready to send out Molly’s NL, so guess we’ll really test it.

Thanks again for relieving some stress. :slight_smile: