Mailing list hung again (ugh!)

I can’t believe I am again posting here in hopes that someone from support will take a look at the mailing list. I don’t know what is going on with the mailing lists server, especially since things were running so smoothly the last couple of months.

The 2 mailings I sent out Monday finally started sending, only to have one of them stopped which support surmised had been flushed out of the que while running. Their suggestion was to resend the mailing (something I really hate doing, but did with a kind note at the top indicating our subscribers maybe getting a duplicate due to mailing problems). Well, sent the mailing at around noon today–guess what no mailing coming through.

Geez, I am sure my client is about ready to throttle me, thankfully she knows I have nothing to do it – however, was my recommendation to move to DH. :frowning: