Mailing List Hung (again?) and New Support Note

Hey there,

Well, it appears the announcement lists have hung again and unfortunately I didn’t notice until about 5 hours after it should have gone out (I know I shouldn’t just trust that it works as it should ). However, the real puzzling thing is that when I sent in the support note it said I was #5 of 9 for Brian and what do you know, I am now at #26 of 44 (1 hour 52 mins later).

Well, hopefully someone will notice before they go home tonight that the mailing lists have hung and fix especially since I had 2 mailings that were suppose to go today.

Does anyone know if as a dedicated server user you get better support response? I was just curious as I do have a DH dedicated server, but these 2 particular clients I do the mailings for have their own accounts with DH. I am wondering if it isn’t time to pull them in under my account, so I can better control their mailings and maybe get support in a reasonable time if there is trouble. Just curious.

Sorry don’t want to seem like I am whining about support (they really are a great bunch), but the announcement lists are about the only thing I continually have to contact support about and it gets kind of old. :slight_smile:


I sent a message out to my test list and received the email in only 15 minutes.

Is your announcement list particularly big?

They are somewhat large (10,000+), but nothing I have been assured a number of times is not large at all and doable with Dreamhost’s system.

I have 2 separate lists that are hung, the first one hanging this morning at about 11am, the other this evening at about 6pm. If I had been paying a bit more attention I would have noticed that the first one hadn’t gone when I queued the 2nd one. Purely my mistake, but when you are use to it operating okay you don’t think to double check.

Hopefully someone at DH will notice soon and at least let me know, so I can know it is being sent soon. :slight_smile:


There have been some problems with the list. We are looking into it. The problem does mainly seem to be affecting larger lists.

I will have someone look into your support request (there are a couple other people who have been seeing this problem as well).