Mailing List Customization

I have a mailing list that I’ve done nothing to for a while. I vaguely remembered that there had been changes in the mailing list policies/function and today I decided to test it. I found a couple of things that I did not like and am hoping sincerely to be able to modify:

[color=#00CC00]When someone subscribes, instead of immediately going to the confirmation page I have set in the html, it goes to the new confirmation page (

^that page says that they’ll receive a mail to verify their desire to subscribe. The email that comes requires them to click a dreamhost link to verify.[/color]

those 2 points I’d sure like to change to show my domain name and pages instead of DH’s and the kbase mailing list info is dated 2001 and 2002?! Can I do it? If so, how? Current markup:





This is trickier than it seems, because the confirmation script has to actually be present wherever the link points to, and has to be able to connect to our database.

I imagine the simplest way to do this would be to let customers create a convenience record (optionally) to point “” or somesuch to “”, and once that’s been done, have the links reflect that. This could work, but would require some changes on our end.

This would also simplify adding unsubscribe links that are directly tied into a customer’s domain (avoiding the DH branding)… which is something we’d like to do.