Mailing List App?

I’ve currently been using the Announce List feature built in to Dreamhost’s system to send out occasional announcements to my subscribers. I like it because it’s a one-way annoucement list with bounce control.

But now I want to start sending out automated announcements every day to subscribers via PHP. I can do it with the mail() function, but then I lose boucne control and everything that bounces ends up in my admin account, which is a major hassle.

I was thinking of setting up a Discussion List and thought perhaps there was an option to only allow one-way emails from the moderator, but I’m not sure.

One other option I am wanting is the ability to programmatically add new users when they sign up for my PHPBB forum. Don’t worry, I’ve added a clause to the new user signup agreement, so they are well aware that they are signing up for emails as well and can unsubscribe at any time.

So, what are my options for:

Bounce control
auto-user-email add
one-way emails

Thanks for your help.