Mailing list address is inconvenient

Hi all!
I’ve got a mailing list with the name of “POTE” on my domain “”. I’d expect that the list address would then be in the style of "" or similar - but it’s not. The format is actually "". Isn’t this a bit silly? The list I made is only called “pote”, I didn’t append the “” part.

My question here is, how do I get rid of the “” in front of the @ sign? I can accept the domain “” without any problem, but I don’t grok why the domain has to be repeated in the address part like that.

Any comments or helpful hints?


It is silly; but unfortunately, it’s not as easy to work around as you’d like. It is simple to have the address pote @ work (and in fact, you can have this automatically added when you create the list), but it’s not so easy to trick mailman into displaying this address - we’re still looking for a more elegant way to do things without having to have a unique installation of Mailman per-account.[1]

This has been discussed a bit in the past on the forum, so you might search around.

[1] The reason we need to do this is to allow unique namespaces for each domain; so you could have and also Mailman doesn’t have a way to do virtual hosting easily (the new Mailman has some virtual hosting support, but what this allows you to do is slightly different than what we’re trying to do).

Thanks for a good reply. Since it all ties into technical difficulties with the Mailman software and hosted solutions, I can understand that it’s not a quick fix. With this understanding, I can accept the current setup.


I’ve been wondering the same thing, but surely it’s simple enough to set up an alias "" which redirects to "" isn’t it???

I agree though, it’s a little frustrating that it does what it does.

If we can send a man to the moon, why can’t we send them all there?

Yeah - this can already done automatically when you setup a list - the problem is that the various list headers and footers, and the welcome messages give out the longer, more confusing address… so getting people to always use the shorter address is sometimes difficult, and the headers / footers can get really long and unsightly… so it’s mostly an aesthetic configuration.

Presumably, having an option to set a “vanity address” in the Mailman config (without changing the list’s “actual” address) would fix this problem.

Has this been done? I for one would appreciate it…