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Hey Everyone!
I’ve been reading over past MailForm questions/threads to see if it would answer my question, but it turned out not. So… like all noobies to the MailForm coding, I can’t get mine to work. I tested out the coding at first, and it submitted correctly to my email. However, after putting in the values, it appeared whatever was in the “comment box” itself, would not forward on to my email. So… without further ado, here is my messy coding:

What am I doing wrong? I really appreciate the time and patience with my question.




The DreamHost formail.cgi will only send mail to an address hosted on DreamHost. See the DH WIki article on Formail, which states, in relevant part"

Therefore, you code:

Will not work as it is telling the formmail top send the mail to a gmail address.

One common workaround to this is to set up a forwarding only email address at your domain (like forms@yourdomain.tld), and have that address forward what it receives to



Hiya Laura,

Try this for the textarea:

<textarea name="Comments" rows="8" wrap="wrap" style="width: 300px"></textarea> You’re missing the “name” attribute, which I guess will be the problem as the script doesn’t know what the textarea is.

This is the only difference i can see from the Wiki, so hope it sorts it for you.

I’ve lifted it straight from the Dreamhost Wiki entry for Formmail

Edit: rlparker… just saw your message after I posted - can anyone beat you to posting?? :stuck_out_tongue: From what Laura says, it appears the form did send, but the comments box didn’t come through. Is the DH-only delivery still enforced?


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Hey Karl!
Thanks so much for your reply! That was indeed the trick to it! Thank you also for the link to the Wiki, I was looking around the wiki and couldn’t find that page. Much appreciated!!

Thanks so much again!


Thank you Rlparker!
I appreciate your help! I will for sure add my domain email to make sure it works super-smoothly. I really appreciate your help too!

Thank you very much!


You are most welcome, and I apologize (and feel a little silly!) for stopping at the first issue I saw in your code and not reading the whole thing! :wink:

The great thing about these forums is that someone smarter, like Karl, can always come along and find the mistake we missed!

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Oooooh, thanks both of you!

I’ve not been called smart since I was in primary school! Yep, I fooled my teachers at such a tender age!


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