Im trying to set up the use of custom domain names with Mailbuild

And it’s asking me to Add the following CNAME record to the DNS for

I see where I can do this, but Im not sure exactly what to put where.
Mailbuild gived me a CNAME Name and CNAME Data, but on Dreamhost I see Name, Type, Value, and Comment.

Any Ideas.

Heres a link to Mailbuild and info on setting this up:



The following should work…

Name: CNAME Name
Type: "CNAME"
Value: CNAME Data
Comment: Can be anything you want it to be. It’s just a comment, after all :wink:


When I tried this, I get an error message warning me that I already have a record for this domain and that I cant have two.

So Nothing…

Thanks for the help