Mailboxes and ftp access

Hi All,
I hope someone much smarter than I can step me through the process of gaining access to a mailbox (webmail) via ftp.

I can access mail under a user no problem. But where and how do i access a mailbox that is not a direct user.

I have created a mailbox ie the mail page shows me it is
"bill" m123456

So where do I find this mailbox- “bill”, as when i FTP into the user “ed” that the domain this user runs on only shows the mailbox for that user -/home/ed/

Thx for your help

Open a connection to your root directory, open the directory Maildir, then the directory cur. You should see your mail files there.

Thx knitsmitts

when I ftp in i see a list of my domains +

etc. Is this root?
if so under maildir i only have the the user for that domain not the other mailboxes?

if it is not root how do i get there?

thx for the basics

Sorry to mislead you, I set up several mailboxes but forwarded them to my main user, so I could see their messages.

I don’t think you can get into a POP mail user’s mailbox unless as root. It is this way on several different web hosting providers I have used. Security/privacy thing?