Mailbox Quotas

I continue to recieve messages stating my quota is almost full, even though I move messages older than 30 days and then offload that to a folder locally on my computer. Why is the disk space not reflecting this? When I go to Panel>Mail>Manage Email, it says I’m still in danger of exceeding my quota.

My actual website usage is only 24 megs but, my quota is 100. I do not have 76 megs worth of email in my inbox, but the quota does not reflect any change.

Thoughts? And Thanks!

Having run into the same problem with many users, I can say with confidence that the answer is to wait 45-120 minutes until the mail f’really deletes. I’ve found this delay often occurs when you delete any thing more than 0.8 metric craploads of mail at a time.

The solution is: Next time, go to webmail, delete a few megs at a time, emptying the trash folder in between each set of deletes - this will speed up the deletion cycle a little. Trying to delete it all at once will cause the quota to choke on its own trash can contents and slow the process.


one of my clients had same problem. Turned out he was throwing into trash but not emptying it.

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This was it. Patience unfortunately, is not one of my virtures.