Mailbox question--

OK, so far so good. Now I’m trying to set up my mail boxes–

My old mail hosting service had it so that you had a default address, which served as the catch-all, and then you could add additional addresses which would catch e-mail sent specifically to those addresses.

Now I’m setting up the new e-mail configuration through the DH control panel, and have a Q or 2:

I’ve added the additional mailboxes I require; when I click on the “Mail > Addresses” tab, it shows me what I’ve got-- an address labeled “*”, followed by the addresses I’ve added.

Does the addy labeled “*” imply that that is my catch-all, or default mailbox?

Also, is there any way I can choose to not have a catch-all address at all (in other words: return as “unsendable” any e-mails that go to non-existent addresses at my domain)

Thanks for your help, guys!

Go to mailboxes > addresses then choose edit for * and change the top radio button to [something] and enter the required info…

you have to do this for all domains and subdomains you create.

Thanks! I used to just periodically mass-delete everything that went into the catch-all (it was all spam that slipped through). This will save me a lot of work!