Mailbox 'Name"

Somewhere along the line, a long time ago, the “name” of my mailbox was changed to “arrow”. I did not initiate this change, but was led to believe that it was necessary.

When I log in to get my POP mail, I must use the "" address. The problem is that when I send email to others when using the web interface, I (the sender) is identified as "" rather than the usual “From” address that I use with Thunderbird. No one knows who I am when I send mail from the web client, and it causes me untold grief.

I need to be able to fix this problem so that my web-based email listed my preferred email address rather than the “arrow” one. When I log into Mailbox Manager, I see no place or way to change the name of my mailbox. In fact, I cannot find any location that allows me to manage the name of that mailbox. How do I fix this problem so that sent mail doesn’t come from “arrow”???

Are you saying that it’s setup so that if I send email to you actually (and can only) receive it at, and any reply you make will come back to me as being from ?

Can you not (re)create a new email address?

Check through your mail accounts on that domain for any redirect/catchall rules.

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