Mailbox Name

cc: DreamHost Support

From the Knowledge Base:

“Label the mailbox with the owner’s name. This is useful for managing your mailboxes, since the mailbox will be given a unique name on our server of the form m23252262 which makes it a little hard to keep straight which mailbox is whose!”

Why do we get the cryptic (read “ugly”) alphanumeric mailbox name? My principal mailbox has a human-friendly name, so I know this is not a technical matter.

I would like those to whom I give email addresses to be able to log into webmail with a human-friendly name. In the pasts, my hosting providers have used the complete email address (such as "").

This may become a critical issue for me. It is hard enough to support the friends I provide accounts for without getting them to remember “m23252262” in order to check their webmail.

Thank you for any insight.
-Daric Jackson

You can sign into your mailbox with the address that you assigned to the mailbox. So they can just sign in with “user”.

Support was very prompt in addressing this, by the way. I got pretty much the same answer.

As an incidental, as I was setting up other things I discovered that creating an FTP user also creates a mailbox for that user without an ‘ugly’ mailbox name, which was exactly what I wanted. It was a little round-a-bout finding it, but it’s there, after all.

Most accounts come with a number of “real” accounts, so feel free to use these for your friends instead if you’d prefer (just add an ftp / shell user (which you can remove later if you want), and it’ll create a corresponding mailbox-only user.

We use the weird mailbox names mostly to keep more available usernames for ftp / shell users, who are much more apt to have to type their usernames frequently (rather than setting up the username in a mail client once in a while).

Eventually we would like to have virtual domain support for mailbox usernames, so you could just login with as the username.

Virtual domain support would be delightful. And I did discover the FTP name = Mailbox name bit while setting up FTP for the person I had just made that cryptic mailbox for. :slight_smile:

The downside is that “name” has to be unique over the cluster of machines you have access to, thus the “common” names tend to be taken.

I know having mail is on the DH to be developed list, lets hope it is not too far off in the future!

And this is exactly what the mxxxxxx usernames are designed to help reduce. When someone has a single POP3 account setup on their home machine, uses webmail all the time, or whatever, it’s silly to give them a username that someone else might want.

I don’t see how having the common names being taken is that big a deal, though… you can still have as your email address, though you may have to get a little creative with the actual login name.