Mailbox manager subdomain


Dreamhost provides a nice mailbox manager that is available by default at http://mailboxes.mydomain.tld/. I recall having it changed to http://somethingelse.mydomain.tld/ using the web panel.

Recently it has been automatically reset to the default ‘mailboxes’ subdomain, and I can’t find the setting to change it anymore.

Has this feature been removed, or am I overlooking something?


Did you set it up as a redirect? If not, you could try.

[color=#00CC00]Panel > Domains > Manage Domains[/color]

Add (or edit) somethingelse.mydomain.tld

Redirect to URL: http://mailboxes.mydomain.tld

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Yes, at the moment I’m using a redirect as a workaround, and it works just fine for my needs.
But as far as I remember, there has been an option for that, just as there is one for the webmail url (in Mail > Webmail > Edit).
At this point this is more of a theoretical question, and I might be simply wrong :).

Thanks for your help.

There’s a way to change the “webmail” subdomain, but not mailboxes. You might be wrong, or they killed this option because Webmail makes a call to “mailboxes” when you click on an options link. Renaming the “mailboxes” subdomain most likely breaks this until the unlikely event that DH finds a way to change the options link to reflect whatever “mailboxes” subdomain the user has set.