Mailbox manager problem

Hi there,

I’ve just signed up with dreamhost (a few days ago) and am struggling to get anything working. My email has now been down for a couple of days and I’m losing work rapidly!

My current problem is that when I try to access the ‘mailbox manager’ I get a ‘server not found’ error page.

I know this seems rather vague, but I can fill in any relevant informatio as and when necessary. Can anyone help me??


ps I’ve not been able to get the website running either. I have managed to connect thru ftp with filezilla but even if I merely try to put a simple ‘hello’ index.html I get the same ‘server not found’ error when I try to visit it online. . .
Losing work!

Okay, I’m an idiot. I am thinking all my problems have been based in me not ‘reading the instructions’ properly - I’d changed my dns1.blah.blah to and not

Silly, silly me!

Hopefully the next 24 hours will let me know if my daft mistake had caused all these problems.

Thanks for watching anyhow!

hopefully you used and the second time around and not :wink: