Mailbox Manager error

Trying to turn off archive notification for one of my accounts in mailbox Manager. Anything I do returns the message

Please correct the error below! and down below is

Remove read messages when inbox reaches 2000 messages.
The number of messages must be between 1 and 2000.

I’ve tried various numbers. It returns with no changes, the number reset to 2000, and the error messages.

you might try editing the mailbox in the panel as a workaround, the same options are avail there.

That worked. Thanks.

Im getting the same problem but I’m unsure how to do the workaround, anyone be kind enough to elaborate?

Log in to
On the left there’s a menu item Manage Email.
This will display all of your email accounts. On the right of each one is a menu item Edit.
That gets you the same options as Mailbox Manager, without the errors.
It’s much faster to configure multiple addresses from there anyway, because you only have to log in once.