Mailbox Manager Email Filters - how to activate?

Recently my website was moved to Dreamhost and I have access to Squirrelmail now.

In my Mailbox Manager under Email Filters I set up three simple filters to direct specific Subject lines to three specific filters I previously set up.

However they are simply not filtering any new emails with those Subject lines.

Is there something more that I still need to do to activate those filters?

Thanks in advance for any assistance or suggestions anyone can offer.

Did you create 3 filters or add the subject field 3 times to one filter?

If you simply added the subject box in the mailbox manager 3 times there is also a match ALL or ANY radio boxes, you would need to change that radio button from the default ALL to ANY.
Also is the filter to forward the email somwhere? You may have problems forwarding to some destinations… AOL, comcast, and gmail can be troublesome when forwarding. If forwarding is the option chosen try forwarding to another email account at dreamhost and see if that works.

Thank you, LakeRat.

I previously added three different subject lines and in each case directed them to the three new folders I created under my Inbox.

I have now changed the default for all three from ALL to ANY. Maybe that will do the trick!

My fingers are now crossed!

There is another wonky thing to watch with respect to folders… I believe that if a folder doesn’t exist it won’t be created for you. You said you created the folders already, which is the correct method, but many people don’t realized case is significant… i.e. “Dales orders” and “Dales Orders” are not the same. Dreamhost’s “mailboxes” interface is not as user friendly as one would expect it to be, and it hasn’t updated in ages.