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Sorry that this is my second thread in this forum, but I need to get all this stuff set up…
It seems like Dreamhost’s IMAP system doesn’t allow you to make new folders in the root of your mailbox, only under INBOX. This is a problem for Apple’s as it doesn’t recognise special folders (Sent, Drafts, Trash, Junk etc) that are in the INBOX, only in the root of your mail account. Is there a reason for this behaviour? Alternatively, is there a way to tell to treat non-standard folders ‘specially’?

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A lot of use Apple’s OS X Mail client ourselves and it does work fine with our IMAP servers. I have the IMAP Path Prefix (under the advanced tab of the account preferences) set to ‘INBOX’, but you don’t have to do that to make it work. You can set any folder to be used for Junk or Trash or whatever by selecting the folder and then picking “Use this Mailbox For” under the Mailbox menu.

Does that answer your question?

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Yes it does, sorry, I appear to be an idiot that can’t read options! Thanks.

I have a related question:

I’m having trouble using the Apple Mail client to create a new folder on the server. i get a message:

Mailbox Creation Failed
IMAP command “CREATE” failed.

Also, while I’m at it, this has nothing to do with Dreamhost, I think, but you say you use so i’ll ask - I just started using after years of reading mail on servers with Pine. I can’t get Rules to move mail to folders that are under the “IN” folder (i.e. on the server) - the dropdown in the rule creation dialog doesn’t even show those subfolders, just the “IN” folder. I can’t find anything in apple documentation about this. any ideas?


I guess I found the answer myself here:

go down to the last comment to get the real answer. you have to set your prefix to ‘INBOX’ in the preferences. Which Dallas mentions above, but in answer to a different problem…

well, i spoke too soon. the above fix created another problem. my inbox suddenly won’t show anything. it continues to indicate new mail in parenthesis after the name, but the actual list of messages in the upper left pane is blank. nothing there. other mailboxes are fine.

when i make “IMAP path prefix” blank again, this problem goes away.

note this is in panther, version 1.3.11

really weird.

any ideas much appreciated. thanx…