Is it possible to set up an address for another user to access via her own mail program? Right now, I have mail that comes to her address forwarded to another account.
How would I set this up if possible?

Sure it is. Log into the control panel and create the address. It’ll take a little while before it is ready to use. Then give the other user the mailbox number (begins with an “m”), the email address, and the password so that she can setup her email client.

The DreamHost Wiki has setup instructions for various email clients, including the popular Outlook Express.

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But how to I insure privacy for this person? If I had the password, couldn’t I also have access to her mail? Is there anyway to do this so she can set her own password? It raises a question about other work mails as far as privacy. Sounds as if when I am assigned a password and given an address that it means that the person who assigned the password can read my email. Is this correct?

Thanks for your help.

You can always change the password for an E-mail address through Just have dreamhost create a random password for the E-mail address, and then encourage them to change it.