Mail won't save in sent box

I’m using the fully hosted email as IMAP.
My sent emails are not being saved in the sent folder.
All settings appear to be correct.
Any ideas? I was recently moved to a new server

Did it ever work?

Your IMAP client might not know which box to use for Sent, and/or you may not have set the IMAP mailbox prefix. What client are you using?


I’m also having this problem using Mac Mail in OS 10.4.11
Drafts, Junk, Old, Sent and Trash folders are subfolders in the Inbox folder. Mail also has Draft and Sent folders outside the account folders, where all locally created drafts and sent messages are saved. None of these appear in Squirrel Mail drafts/sent folders.

If I select “save to server” with each of those in the account prefs in Mail, the folders merge, but they still don’t sync and all the locally saved/sent messages disapper.

There is no IMAP prefix set- what should it be? Is there something else that I should try?

IMAP prefix should be INBOX

Here’s the wiki article on 10.4 mail setup. Note that you should’t be using, but your own domain


thanks for helping-
i changed the IMAP prefix to INBOX, and as you suggested in one of your other threads, selected the Sent mailbox under mailboxes>use this mailbox for…
now the drafts folder syncs with the IMAP protocol, but the sent folder still only stores locally created messages, they don’t show up in webmail.
(Mail sent from webmail shows up in one of the MacMail sent folders, but not the one that locally sent messages saves to)
any further ideas or does dreamhost IMAP just not sync that well?