Mail with Multiple Domain

Hi- I have two domains under my account, and a third domain mirroring domain #1.

I am trying to create email accounts for myself under each domain, but when I go to “create new mailbox”, it only allows me to add a mailbox to domain #1. How can I make the DreamHost panel let me make a mailbox for domain #2?

Also- can I make a mailbox for the “mirrored” domain? I want to make a mailbox there which will forward to my domain #1 mailbox.


Wow, I’m blind. I finally saw the area where it says “Active Domain”. It’s late, I’m tired! Sorry for making you read this…

“Mailboxes” (physical usernames) aren’t associated with a particular domain. You can point email addresses at any domain to any physical mailbox… and you can have email addresses at multiple domains pointing to the same “mailbox”.