Mail using user insed of avatars

my friend told me that his recently created mail acct uses insed of
insted of

and the acct is set right, I checked that, and my mails still work right
I assume it’s a problem caused by the power troubles because he just made this acct last night…

If I under stand the question- since this is shared hosting they assign those m#'s to ensure unique mailboxes. When you log in with a POP client you’ll need to use the m# as the username, but when sending mail to the address, (or logging into webmail) you may use the actual email address, (alias or virtual user).

yes well
his mail is fine
he just it working again
but the reseived header was
when it should’ve been
he spent 2 more hours playing around it got fixed, weather it was him or the server realized it mixed them up