Mail trouble

A beginner question: how do avoid my email account receiving every kind of email sent to
Because this is a big problem. Any kind of word you write before is delivered to my email address …
I can specify the bounce option under “forwarding” but by this way I’ve to add each new
Hope my is enough clear …

In the panel, under Mail --> Manage Addresses, do you see a listing for That’s how my catch-all addresses are listed – there’s a link in the left-hand column of the listing where you can delete it, and once it’s gone any mail not addressed to an address you’ve specifically set up won’t come through.

Thanks for your reply daisygirl.
Another problem is due to the newsletter form that’s on my web site: obviously in the code there’s my address and a lot of spam is coming right from there …
Just wondering if there’s a way to hide the from the form.

There’s a method that normally works against bots harvisitng your E-mail from your website. There’s a special word for it that I don’t remember, but basically it uses HTML charcter coding to type the address. It displays just fine in a browser becuase it’s rendered proerly. I think it should also work in your form.

I was going to post an example, but it got rendered and didn’t show the behind-the-sceans stuff. Check out the link…

that came from this page


The word is obfuscation, which basically means “to obscure”.

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