Mail System set my email service to inactive automatically

i discovered yesterday that my all my email apps were reporting login errors. i tried to log into my dreamhost panel only be told i needed to approved my IP via email.

to dreamhost’s credit, they called me at the number provided and let me into my own panel.

after chatting with tech support for a while, they discovered my email service was switched off in the back end automatically during the migration. there’s nothing i can do to activate it and begin receiving emails again, and i’ve been told i have to wait until they contact me with the fix. it’s been more than 24 hours from that time and there’s been no status update or contact whatsoever.

i’m now back in the queue for chat support to find out when i’ll actually have working email again.

so if you start getting login errors, keep in mind dreamhost is reporting a “bug” where your email service might have been turned off.


dreamhost contacted me to tell me the problem was fixed - in error. i’m now on day 4 of no email and emails that are sent to my address are bounced back to my clients.

however, i’m still receiving spam emails. THANKS DREAMHOST! great feature!

i was told there was no estimated time of a fix. i do not know if my issue is being actively worked on or if i’m at the bottom of a queue that’ll take them a week to get to.

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