Mail SSL services and https certs


Now that the price has dropped, I am considering adding SSL service to my domain. But I am concerned about the mail interfaces – if I pay for a SSL cert and unique IP on, that won’t work for and, will it?

And even if it did, would dreamhost install those certs on their mail system?

This article
seems to suggest that a cert for could also be used for jabber service at that domain, automatically. But there is no mention of a similar feature for mail.

The last thing I’ll mention is that on the provided SSL interfaces to my domain’s mail (webmail, POP/IMAP, and SMTP with ssl), the certificate for those connections is
a) self-signed by dreamhost, which is fine - I imported it in my certificate authority keystore on my regular computers
but also
b) signed for and, which causes a domain name mismatch error every time I connect, even though I’ve imported the DH certificate as a valid root CA

Can anyone shed any light on ways to sort this mess out?