Mail spool location

Does anyone happen to know where the mail spool files are located, and are they accessible? I would like to empty my “inbox” but doing it through Squirrel mail will take ages and puts an unnecessary load on the IMAP server.


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If your mail user had a shell account you can ssh to it and use mutt to delete all…

Or you can go to the home of your user and locate Maildir there you can find your mail, like the spool on other systems.

For your mail only users I don’t believe you can make nothing like this.


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I think you are right on that. I’ve tried to find a good way to “get at” the “mail only users” Maildirs repeatedly, and have not been able to.

I have occasionally “cleaned out” over-full mail only mailboxes by setting up a POP3 client to delete mail from server, and just popping all the mail to a local machine; it’s not much but is much better than trying to deal with a huge inbox via webmail. :wink:


Okay, yeah, it seems like that is the place. Thanks. I’m more familiar with sendmail and postfix, not as much with exim so I was looking for a single spool file named after the user account.

I’ll have to look into the purpose of the courierimap* files so I don’t royally hose something. I don’t really care about the messages, I just wanted to clean out the mailbox, so I didn’t want to use POP3 or especially IMAP and put an unneeded load on the server.

Jack Bauer is the “i” in team

I understand … It does seem kinda needless to download all the messages only to delete them. At least just popping them with POP3 doesn’t put a significant load on the server (certainly less than processing the folders with IMAP, at least).