Mail specs

Hi there, mi company is planning to use your hositing service but i would like to know more about the email specifications. The inbox limits, the server size, the data center connections. Ii would be nice if the staff reply to this soon. Im migrating 17 domains in the next days but I need this data to move on.

Thankx in advance.

Ramón Ramos.
PC Rent Development Area

We’re just customers here. Here’s a link to contact the staff:

Here are my educated (or wrong) guesses:
Inbox limit: 2000 messages
Server Size: Quad Xeon 2.4GHz with at least 1GB of ram

You can always poke around the wiki to learn more while waiting to hear back from Sales.

Oh, and message size is limited to about 40 Megs.

According to the wiki and the control panel, the default users email is limited to the full drive space alloted. Additional users are limited to what the default user specifies or defaults to the full drive space alloted to the default owner.
I think I used the word default enough. lol.

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