Mail-remove_filter API command does not really remove the filter

I’ve begun (trying to) use to add and remove email forwarding rules. It goes like this:

  1. I make an API call to mail-add_filter, it returns “success;”

  2. I do a mail-list_filters, and there my filter is, as expected;

  3. I look at the web panel interface, and there it is, as expected;

  4. I hang out till I see forwarding is working as expected;

  5. I remove the filter with another API call to mail-remove_filter, it returns result:“success”;

  6. I do another mail-list_filters, and the response shows the filter is gone, as expected;

  7. I look at the web panel interface, and there it is likewise gone, as expected;

  8. But a full day later the email is still being forwarded to me. Nothing I can do to make it stop except contact support.

And so, does anyone have any clue about this? btw I can put a gist on github or something if you want to see how I’ve coded this. But really it’s pretty simple, there isn’t that much to see. (And one of the whole points is the language-agnosticism, right? We’re all just speaking http.)


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