Mail questions

Hello. Now if i understand this correctly, DH offers 2 types of mail systems. One is squirrelmail and the other one is a DH mailbox. Now, how the hell does one change their squirrelmail password? When i try logging in, i get an error page that has only an option to go back to the login page. Where is it i must go to change my password? Thanks.


Good luck!

That does not work. i need a password to get into that. I cant remeber it. Hence, the above question.

both are the same mail. if you want to change you email password you need to log into your admin panel:

click on users and passwords

That aint working either because the email address is not listed there. Here is how i created this email address. I went to mail/manage addresses/create new emai address. I then used the top section only to creata a "". i also choose to forward mail received there to another external address. I then unchecked the “deliver to this mailbox” option towards the center of the page. I then created the address. No where did it ever ask me for a password. Did i just create a forwarding address with no inbox to speak of?


You can go back into your web panel and edit that address so you have a real world mail box on your domain.

Ok. Thanks.