Mail problems!very urgent please!


I can´t send mails to hotmail accounts using mail() (it´s a php
function), they never arrive.

I have tried send to others, for example and works fine.

I have tried too send manually using my dreamhost webmail, and works fine, but usung mail()
function doesn´t work :frowning:

i have tried this function in other servers and works fine.

People can´t get register in my web!

What can i do ?? i nedd help urgent.

This looks like hotmail has decide to block the ip of the server you are one. I guess some has been sending spam (or something hotmail sees as spam) arent the emails ariving in the spam folder?

There is not much you can do about this. This occurs very often with hotmail I would note on my website that there are issues with hotmail and advise people to sign up using a different (better) provider.

Maybe you could use another smtp server.

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yes, i have seen my spam folder and its empty too.

I need send to hotmail, because a lot of people use it. I can´t belive dreamhost can´t send to hotmail and other can.

Only solution is change SMTP server then? How i can use other SMTP server ?? can i change SMTP server in settings? or how? or tell me more solutions :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for fast reply!

If you read the php documentation at you can read that you can change it only on windows and not on linux since it uses the sendmail program.

I guess the best thing is to contact support to let them change the smtp server (Iam not sure if this is easy for them or they will do it but they can do it). Describe the issue first ofcourse.

You can also try using a different from: address. Altough I doubt this will change anything.

Remember the issue is that hotmail is blocking you and this can happen any moment. This is not a dreamhost issue. Sending an email to hotmail wont hurt but they might not even reply.

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i have send mail to dreamhost support, but i don´t know how time they will take, for that reason i decided to post in forum.

What is solution then? send mail to hotmail support? or dreamhost support? sorry but i donñt understand you :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again dude!

Ok, Ill try summarize what I believe is happening and what can be done.

Hotmail has blocked the server or address you use for sending mail (most likely due to spam)

Option 1:
The best thing to do is to remove the reason which caused hotmail to block, convince hotmail the root cause is removed and they remove the block. (this is difficult and will take a lot of time).

Option 2:
Try to circumvent the hotmail block, use a different address or different server (must be done by dreamhost).

Option 3:
Try to live with a hotmail who suddenly decides to block. Tell your users they cant subscribe using hotmail since hotmail blocks you.

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will try contact with hotmail to know reason they block messages.

When you say try change server, do you refer SMTP server that use dreamhost ? where can i see SMTP server use dreamhost to send my mails? and where i could change? and which I put? I don´t know if can do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again!

P.D.: sory my bad english but is not my language.

i had problems with hotmail a few months ago… none of my emails from dreamhost (cgi or webmail) got through. They didn’t end up in the spam folder and hotmail never notified me about them not being delivered. They just got “lost”.

contacting hotmail support didn’t help at all. All they did was copy-paste long lists of things i could do to fix MY computer (outlook, internet explorer, etc), even though this was THEIR problem as i politely pointed out to them. On the other hand, support here at dreamhost is way more skilled and did understand the situation, but since this is a problem on hotmail’s end, they did nothing to fix it, they didn’t even contact hotmail to try to solve this with them (pretty disappointing).

what fixed this for me was adding a postmaster@ mail address to my account. Apparently hotmail filters check if the domain that is sending email has one of those accounts… domains without it seem more likely to be flagged as “spammers”. Adding an abuse@ account might help too.

will try to create

Now i have seen this in my dreamhost control panel into “Manage Email” section: " You should always have a valid address or some domains may not accept email from you."

I will try it.

I have created but the problem was not solved.

E-mails arrevie but with 3 or 4 hours of delay.

I need to do something more besides to create account ? i only created and no more.