Mail() problem

Im having a mail problem on one of my script

It will not send the email

Has anyone ever had this problem?

How many emails are sent out with it? If it is too high DH may have flag it as a spam generator.

My website

its only one email.
And in this email is about 50 characters

I tried out some other stuff

but it still does not work!

i just signed up to dreamhost and i’m experiencing that problem on my wordpress installed to dreamhost.

seems support say that it rejected because i hit the limit but i only sent out e-mail to max 5 addresses… how many e-mails could you send out to hit the limit of 200 per hour for scripted e-mail if i only sent to 5?

what server are you hosted on?.

Is is possible that you have a form, plugin, or other script running on your that that might have been exploited or hacked? :open_mouth:


well, in that case, then why does wordpress, in sending out confirmation e-mails couldn’t go through as well…??

I’m sorry, umsa, but I don’t understand your question. There are several possible explanations, I was only asking if something your are running on your site might have been compromised.

If you provide a url to your site, maybe we could take a look and see if there is any obvious potential problem.