Mail Preferences

Is anyone using Mac Mail for their site email? Basically I have my one IMAP email address for my website set up in Mac Mail, the issue is I now I have 2 set of folders (2 trash cans, 2 Sent folders, etc.). When I use Mac Mail from home the sent, trash, etc. folders relate to any emailing I am doing there…and when I use webmail at work, any emailing I do there uses the other set of folders. I am wondering if I have something set up wrong.
The other thing is a friend of mine replied to a couple emails I sent him today, and I got them at work OK using webmail, but he called me to say he is getting an error message when he replies to my mail that it didn’t go through?

Here’s a post of mine from a while back: imap&Match=Or&Searchpage=3&Limit=25&Old=allposts&Main=52186


That’s how I have it set up. I am getting all my mail and it is sending ok too. The thing is when I am at home my sent and trashed email goes in the icon folders (the trash can and the paper airplane), but then below that are another set of trash and sent “blue folders” that have all the messages I trashed and sent while I was at work using webmail.

So basically mail is treating all my home emailing in one set of folders, and all the emailing I do at a remote computer in another set of folders.

Those two steps should take care of it. It sounds like:
a) Mail doesn’t think your webmail mailboxes are your Sent and Trash folders.
b) Mail isn’t using INBOX as its IMAP prefix.

For the messages in your Trash Can and Paper Airplane, can you see those messages from webmail?


Yeah, I can see them all. Even on webmail there are 2 trashes and 2 sents.

Can you post a screenshot of the left frame of webmail where it shows the mailboxes?


That’s a start, but I’d like to see the webmail mailboxes in your browser.


Here you go:


Which mail client is putting mail into the “Deleted Messages” and “Sent Messages” boxes? Are the contents of Trash, etc., the same at both ends?

The setup looks right. Those three other folders look like a regular extra folder. At least they show up at both ends. Do you have a Mail rule that puts mail into other mailboxes?