Mail OS X 10.4 and SSL certificate


Since the domain of the SSL certificate does not match our own domains, puts up a message about this mismatch.

I followed the instructions (via terminal) on the wiki, but it still doesn’t work…

are there instructions or other methods that do? :slight_smile:


Nope. Until Apple allows a way to accept mismatched certs, we’re out of luck.



errrrr… that’s really annoying. i’m surprised no one has come up with a fix :frowning:


I added a workaround fix to the wiki a little while ago-- you have to add your domain’s IP address with to the “hosts” file in Mac OSX.


That’s a nice trick! By the way, using the ‘host’ command is a bit tidier than the ‘ping’ command.



mortaine … your method works!!! And you DO need to add the unverified certificate into the keychain (instructions are also on that page)… thanks!!! :slight_smile: