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Why are you running full mail services on your web servers? I was logged onto egon the other day and noticed I had mail waiting. Of course, this is not my mail server – it was just bounced and underlieverable mail from my web forms. And when I looked through the mail spool on the system, I noticed a lot of mail for other users – with some mailboxes taking up a few MB of space.

Just wondering how much diskspace you could save by either turning mail on these machines off – or even better; putting a forward file in each directory to forward mail to the correct mail machine for that user. That way, I wouldn’t miss any of my local error messages on that machine, and it would save you some disk space.

Of course, if people configured their form-to-mail scripts correctly, you wouldn’t have this problem. But that’s another story…

Just my 2 cents…


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The move created a forward file for each user pointing to the mail machine. However some users have removed them (or the files have gotten removed in other ways). If your home directory doesn’t have a .forward file, you should create a .forward file with:
where mail is the hostname of your mail machine (look in /usr/local/lib/pine.conf if you’re not sure).

I will look into checking for this, but we do want to allow people to receive messages at the web machine for certain particular purposes, but unless you’ve removed the .forward file there should be one there.

Contact support if you have any further questions regarding this.

Thanks for your reply. For whatever reason (maybe it’s because I never got moved, but I was “born” [the matrix, anyone?] on DH2), I didn’t have a [color=#CC0000].forward[/color] file in my root directory.

Maybe you need to alter the setup program to make sure that any new accounts created on DH2 has this in place?


That’s a very good point - I know we created them in the move, but I’m not sure if they’re there for regular DH2 customers. I have sent a message about this to the development team and we’ll figure out what to do about this.