Mail on Server Question

I have a client who’s network guy is putting her on a Exchanger server.
They need the emails, because I am assuming the emails were not backed up from Outlook, or the file was corrupted.

Where do I get the folder which contains all my clients email that is on my server?


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So I thought that as well, but the file was Empty when I opened it in the Server. (ftp)

Ahh! Maybe the account is a new one and the mail is stored on dedicated.

You could try using an imap client and set it to download everything locally.

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No the mail account is the old one, And should have almost 500 emails in an array of folders. I go into my FTP program (fetch) and then open up the maildir and its empty, even in mine its the same. I should elaborate. There are 3 folders in the maildir. cur/new/tmp, but click on those are empty

Again, Email before MX records were changed where fine. and all worked, so nothing has changed besides the MX records. Emails were not deleted, so still should be stored on the Server.

Was your client using POP, or IMAP? If it’s POP, then the server won’t have messages, other than anything new that might show up.

If it’s IMAP, try Webmail here to see if mail is still there. If so, then you’ll need some sort of IMAP backup. I’m drawing a blank on what that IMAP archive software is. I couldn’t find it in the Wiki, but I’m pretty sure there’s mention of it there.


IMAP - and webmail worked just fine until we changed mx records, which is expected.

MX records are only for inbound mail delivery. Webmail uses standard A records for

However, if you use the link in my message, it’ll send you to, where you can type in a full email address (ignore that after the textbox) and password and still get access.

You can also still use IMAP clients and point them to MAILSERVER is what’s listed in Account Status in the panel.


I guess I am not understanding the way the mail is stored on the server. I have 15 website and when I log in FTP the MailDir are there. and all the files are the same. nothing in them, but all emails are work just fine. So where are the emails located?

Scroll back up for sXi’s response.


Perhaps we are not on the same field on this.

I know the email is there. I did nothing to delete it, nor did changing the MX-records do anything to change anything here on my server.

The network guy, the person who set up the Microsoft Exchange Server, most likely did not back up and needs JUST THE FILE for the server.

You can’t get JUST THE FILE. It’s not accessible via FTP. Your best bet would be to submit a Support ticket and see if they can make the file available for you. Otherwise, you’re stuck with an IMAP download of the data.