Mail manager won't let me set quarantine

I am not able to use the Mail Manager or the Dreamhost panel to change the quarantine settings on my address. I try to disable “Quarantine to IMAP folder” but when blank out the field and save it, it immediately fills the field back in and doesn’t disable it. Am I not allowed to turn off “Quarantine to IMAP folder”? Nothing ever gets sent to this folder, and I don’t understand why quarantining to IMAP doesn’t let me set the value of the spam score for quarantining? I have filters on the email but that’s a losing battle since they keep creating more spam variations. Please explain the behavior of Mail Manager in this case.

If you have it setup on a domain with only one address then you will need to edit the “Quarantine to IMAP folder” under the domain-wide settings. When there’s just one address on the domain the system is ‘smart’ and forces that recipient’s settings to mirror the domain-wide ones.