Mail Machine Pro (MMPro)



I have been trying to install MMPro, a 3rd party Email/Newsletter application, on Dreamhost for over a month with no success so far.

I am finding many successes with MMPro on other web hosts with no indicated problems.

The initial MMPro installation was without apparent errors. However, subsequent configuration, tests, and operational use do not work. I need to setup 3 cronjob and, of course, properly setup both outgoing (smtp) and incoming (pop3 or piped) emails. The mysql database access seems to be working.

Are there any others who have successfully installed MMPro on Dreamhost?

Dreamhost support has not been helpful in understanding details of the setup configurations on Dreamhost for proper operations.

Thank you.

JG Dallas


I see it requires “Zend Optimizer or ionCube loaders 3.1.5+” which you would need to install first.

Be aware that Dreamhost has outgoing mail limits. Note: that outgoing mail over the limit will cause an error, and not be queued for later.


I am aware of outgoing mail limits.

Dreamhost indicates that Zend Optimizer is installed? Do you have to enable or configure it?

Do you pipe your bounced email? Dreamhost indicates that a new policy does not allow (new) uses of this. MMPro must pipe through user or use POP3 option?

How long have you been using MMPro?