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I’m curious as to how many people have used dreamhost’s mail list scripts to send out batch emails. I wanted to know specifically how many emails it can handle. Since we are in a shared hosting environment I’m sure they don’t let anyone send batches of 10,000 emails or else it would bog down the server. I’m not planning on sending out spam :), I just like to think ahead to the future in case I was ever to get a huge number of people subscribed to a newsletter, etc. I guess at that point I would just have to use a paid service that specializes in that sort of thing.


I don’t exactly know what the upper limit is, but a month or two ago one of our customers used the system to send a distribution to nearly 500,000 subscribers without a hitch. It took a while for everything to go out, but I’d be surprised if you have any problems with a list of 10,000. :>

While I’m sure you don’t intend to spam, you may still want to check out our anti-spam policy (since there are a few common definitions of spam floating around):

Also, we’ve recently begun asking those who send large distributions to keep ‘confirmed opt-in’ turned on with their lists. This helps avoid accidental subscriptions, and makes sure that only people who want your newsletter receive it. This is the default option when you set up the list.

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Thanks, that answers my question and my next one which was whether the dreamhost mail list had any type of confirmed opt-in to avoid abuse of any mail lists. Otherwise I was thinking about using another app like Mojo Mail which looks pretty nice.