Mail Host

I am trying to swap mail hosts from Squirrel Mail to Zoho as Zoho has 5Gb free inboxes for up to 10 users for their free hosted email.

I have changed my sites MX records to 10 and 20 in the Dreamhost custom MX records area as requested by Zoho’s setup wizard.

Running an MX record lookup they are still dreamhosts MX records after 2 days of waiting.

What do I need to do? Squirrel mail is terrible and I dont want to pay for Google.

Contact support if your panel changes haven’t occurred after 2 days. You could also delete your change and try again.

Zoho sounds tempting. I’m not very happy with DH email. Let us know how it goes.

There’s no need to pay Google to use their front end. Just follow these steps:

  1. Create a gmail accout
  2. Add your current non-google email account in the settings
  3. Set the non-google email account to be the primary
  4. Enjoy

The addition of a non-google email account is not as easy as it used to be but there is online help for it. There is a Source Forge program that will sync you PCs contacts to your Google contacts. You can’t do this with other web-based email systems.

daChurchPcGuy, the method you suggested has a big shortcoming: it will only bring in email using POP, not IMAP.

Disregard what I said earlier. I just setup my DH email in Gmail using POP and it works great.