Mail Going to Old & New Account

I just signed up for an account, and at 4:40 PM EDT yesterday, changed the DNS nameservers at Network Solutions to point to DreamHost. My e-mail appears to be working fine, but another user is having some problems: some of her e-mail is being delivered to her old mailbox. If she goes to, she’s presented with DreamHost’s SquirrelMail login, however, if she points to (our old online webmail URL), she’s able to login to the previous host’s webmail. Is this just a matter of the new DNS nameserver not having propagated throughout the internet, or did I forget to do something? Thanks.

It sounds like normal DNS updating behavior to me. :wink:


Okay, Thanks.

Agreed. It sounds like some of her mail servers that are sending to her are still resolving the old dns. Give it time and it should resolve on its own.

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